About the IPA

About the IPA

The International Profession Certification Association (IPA) is an international association dedicated to the certification of professional qualifications.

The IPA is a legally registered entity in US and is one of the most authoritative certification agencies in the world. The IPA plays a pivotal role in the field of professional qualifications certification as well as other associated fields.

The majority of IPA membership organizations are from WTO member nations and have a wide distribution throughout over 100 countries and regions, including the US, the UK, France, Germany, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan and Singapore. In a concerted effort to achieve global recognition and standardization of its internationally recognised certificates of professional qualification, the IPA has developed a multitude of certification service programs comprising R&D, education and training, standardization and institutionalization schemes, as well as an extensive gamut of academic exchange programs.

The IPA has held numerous lectures, forums and seminars covering all aspects relating to industry specific certification standards and certification of the professional qualifications of individuals, thus providing a platform for scholastic exchanges and a reference source of standards utilized by international industrial associations.

Owing to its authoritative international brand recognition, the IPA has received an encouraging response from training schools and educational institutions in the major population centers of China, and the number of IPA partners has continued to increase at a strong pace, thereby opening up a glorious new chapter for the IPA, as it continues to broaden recognition of its authority and influence in the society at large.

Over the years, IPA's professional qualification certification program has been sincerely dedicated to providing excellent and effective qualification assessments and certification services, and has made a contribution to nurturing international talents as well as developing the global economy. While providing comprehensive evaluation and proof of the knowledge, experience and competency of an individual in a particular field, it may be said that proof of proficiency level is the most important feature regarding IPA's assessment function. Personnel, who have acquired certificates of various qualification levels based on IPA's graded classification system, will have the necessary competency and qualifications to perform work in a professional capacity accordingly. The IPA will perform training for its in-service staff and students enrolled in institutions of higher learning, by holding seminars and lectures. It demands that IPA certificate holders make a continuing effort to enhance their professional standards and professional ethics in social activities to meet the requirements of the IPA registered professional development plan. Thus, IPA's training and certification have been proven to be a success in the practice of corporate management and other professional fields. A mind free of limits achieves a global vision. IPA trainees consist of executives from all walks of life. They come from enterprises, public institutions and multinational corporations. Upon receipt of IPA certification after a rigorous training regimen, IPA trainees become internationalized elites of the workplace, and achieve career success. Holding the international certificate of professional qualification indicates an educational background and abundant professional experience in a particular field equaling the level of experts in that field.

The IPA has provided a powerful platform for communication, participation and integration. We will continue to devote ourselves to the training and development of international top talent and promoting the core competence of our trainees to handle new situations in today's global economy. Let us fight now for your career's success!


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