International Professionals Are a Country's Most Important Strategic Resource

International professionals are a strategic resource, and the challenge to attain innovative talent is leading to heated discussions among countries, regions and even cities. The search for the best and brightest talent has resulted in a protracted and extremely competitive battle. As it seeks to find an effective way to solve the problem and establish a strategic focus for such talent, developing a correct and objective understanding of the current issues in talent development is a must.

Students who participate in and pass the IPA Etiquette Talent Assessment Program will be awarded the International Registered Certification of Professional Competency in Etiquette and Culture issued by the IPA. The certificate is proof of the practitioner's pre-service training, on-the-job training, competency improvement training, professional competency assessment and entrepreneurial training. All such experience can support the trainee's promotion and advancement, as well as provide them with practical credentials. Uniquely valuable, this certificate indicates that the person has passed the training and assessment for the relevant courses supervised by IPA, possesses the corresponding professional knowledge and professional skills, and has met the professional competency standards of IPA talent assessment.


The International Profession Certification Association (IPA) is an international association dedicated to the certification of professional qualifications.

The IPA has provided a powerful platform for communication, participation and integration. We will continue to devote ourselves to the training and development of international top talent and promoting the core competence of our trainees to handle new situations in today's global economy. Let us fight now for your career's success!