Welcomed by six countries, Chinese Language Training becomes a Conduit for International Cultural Exchange.

As the high teaching level of IPA's international Chinese teachers has been widely recognized and proven, we have received invitations from Sweden, Iceland, Ghana, Mali, Mexico, and Guatemala. With such connections, the international Chinese teachers have also provided wonderful Chinese language and culture lectures to students from these six countries. During the Q & A period, students posed questions about how to learn Chinese, how to master Chinese characters, how to distinguish pronunciation, and other practical issues.

The vast global market for Chinese language and culture is one of the places where future international cooperation may grow, and this trend is moving faster towards reality. IPA will lead international Chinese language teachers around the globe to further innovate on the basis of well- rounded educational ideas and methods, and jointly follow the principle of being "cultural ambassadors for an innovative and peaceful world".


The International Profession Certification Association (IPA) is an international association dedicated to the certification of professional qualifications.

The IPA has provided a powerful platform for communication, participation and integration. We will continue to devote ourselves to the training and development of international top talent and promoting the core competence of our trainees to handle new situations in today's global economy. Let us fight now for your career's success!