Shedding a Light on International Chinese Language Education During the Epidemic

Recent years have witnessed a growing number of countries adding Chinese language courses to their primary and secondary national education systems, contributing to an increase in Chinese learners around the globe. As COVID-19 continues to spread and ravage many of our communities, a brand new international Chinese language learning platform has emerged. Aided by the internet and multimedia, International Profession Certification Association (IPA) has organized a series that spans borders and time zones with "live online lectures on Chinese language and culture". Despite the impact of the epidemic, the emotional links among all global players that allows them to know and understand each other so ensuring a bright future, has never been interrupted. IPA's international Chinese teachers are also fully engaged in an effort to build strong global connections to demonstrate their commitment to spreading Chinese to each and every corner of the world.

The Chinese language teachers under the IPA international certification system are not only equipped with a solid theoretical foundation and excellent practical teaching skills, but also boast a broad global perspective to meet the demands of Chinese language learners from different regions of the world. Affected by the 2020 global epidemic, a large number of overseas students and tens of thousands of overseas Chinese families who are unable to come to China are attaching greater importance to learning the Chinese language and culture. As a result, the awareness of learning Chinese has been raised. In response to growing demand, the "Say Hello" series of Chinese language and culture live lectures was conceived. The best Chinese language teachers among the IPA international registered Chinese teachers provided students with countless wonderful Chinese culture trial classes.


The International Profession Certification Association (IPA) is an international association dedicated to the certification of professional qualifications.

The IPA has provided a powerful platform for communication, participation and integration. We will continue to devote ourselves to the training and development of international top talent and promoting the core competence of our trainees to handle new situations in today's global economy. Let us fight now for your career's success!