Global Etiquette Experts Share Results of Etiquette Applications

Since IPA launched the "International Certified Etiquette Trainer" certification course nearly ten years ago, it has produced almost ten thousand excellent etiquette trainers eager to work with clients from all walks of life. These highly qualified graduates are active in various industries located around the world, providing a systematic learning modal for the majority of professional etiquette trainers.

Emphasizing the core value of "leveraging etiquette to build a civilized world", the conference brought together many etiquette educators and trainers, service managers, and staff from training institutions from all over the world. Conference attendees shared their achievements in etiquette application, while actively exploring and exchanging current development models of etiquette application in various fields, focusing on the application of etiquette in enterprise and, in particular, on service performance improvement. By doing so, participants intend to build a new strategic plan, create new values, foster a new mindset, and establish a new platform for international innovative etiquette advocacy.


The International Profession Certification Association (IPA) is an international association dedicated to the certification of professional qualifications.

The IPA has provided a powerful platform for communication, participation and integration. We will continue to devote ourselves to the training and development of international top talent and promoting the core competence of our trainees to handle new situations in today's global economy. Let us fight now for your career's success!